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NEW! Now listen to Full Spectrum Radio on your iPAQ or other Pocket PC at your favorite HotSpot! Download the GS Player here.

You always knew you could listen to FSR on your desktop or laptop computer, now comes the convenience of easy portability. Listen to your favorite internet radio station right from your Pocket PC. Just go to the link above and download the GS Player that's right for you. Then all you need to do is use your mp3 player on your desktop or laptop, listen to FSR, and create a playlist file (m3u), and copy that to your Pocket PC. Use the GS Player to open the playlist, and you're there! Enjoy!

I'm also told by a listener that you can listen to us on your Palm. Download this m3u file or this one for Full Spectrum Country FSCountry to your Pocket PC or Palm by right clicking and choose to save the file.

Did you know that Full Spectrum Radio is Green? Yes! Where most internet radio uses large servers or other power hungry desktop computers, FSR uses only a laptop computer that uses only 40 watts! This compares with the average desktop machine that uses between 300-500 watts! And now: Both streams are coming from a single computer! Doing our little bit for the environment. Full Spectrum Radio.